In middle school and high school, I hated make up. It felt like an obligation – not just to others but also to myself. An obligation to engage in womanhood. To be the cishet girl I was trying my hardest to be. As I got older and began to embrace being transgender, I began to feel a new set of pressures in regards to my appearance. As an AFAB non-binary person who is often misgendered as female, I felt as though I had to strip myself of all things that were at least apparently feminine in order to be considered legitimate — to be seen as trans enough. But let’s be honest y’all, I am a very ~soft~ butch. Don’t get me wrong, as trans people, it is entirely valid for us to regulate our own appearance, especially for the purposes of safety. But lately I find myself appreciating cosmetics more and more, and I am sick of internalized femmephobia preventing me from playing around with makeup. Which is a long-winded way of saying that this non-binary kid is going to be a little more shimmery from here on out.
androgyny =\= masculinity
make up =\= womanhood
There is no such thing as not being “trans enough”